The University of Applied Sciences and Arts was established as Institute for Mechanical Engineering by the King of Prussia on the 3rd of November 1890.

The first rector was the Engineer Alfred Göbel.

This institute was important to support industrialization in the Ruhr area. In 1894 Dortmund was the first town in the area with more than 100.000 inhabitants - several times larger than a few years ago.


Merging with other schools in 1971 the Institute became a University of Applied Sciences - and later the University of Applied Sciences and Arts. At the beginning there were 9 faculties:

  1. Architecture
  2. Design
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Computer Sciences
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Communications Engineering
  7. Social Work
  8. Social Pedagogy
  9. Business Administration

The 100th anniversary 1990

Faculty of Business Administration

The faculty started with study programs in Business Administration. In 1977 a study program for further education of engineers was established.

In 1984 together with the faculty of Computer Sciences the study program on Business Informatics was installed.

In the late 70th and 80th partnerships and joint programs with foreign universities were created - the first once with:
  • EPSCI Cergy-Pontoise (Paris)
  • Plymouth Polytechnic (later Plymouth University)
  • Hogere Economische School Amsterdam - HES
  • Buffalo State College (Buffalo New York)

In the 90th a study program for New Published Management was implemented - the program following the concepts of supported distant learning (Verbund).

Many years - from the very beginning - study programs at the university were designed as diploma programs. In the 90th in higher education in Germany the universities started to adapted study programs to follow bachelor and master concepts. Diploma programs were replaced by bachelor programs and completed by master programs.

In 2007 the first master programs started in the faculty:

  • European Master in Project Management (implemented in Dortmund, Bilbao and Trondheim - totally in English - with exchange of students and staff)
  • Master Risk and Finance.

Deans of the Faculty of Business Administration since 1972 - some elected several times:

Wolfgang Durst
Hans Hantke
Albert Roth
Ferdinand Matthey
Isolde Czekalla
Meinolf Kleine
Michael Popp
Peter Reusch
Ulrich Kracke
Holger Senne
Petra Senne
Bernd Camphausen
Werner Wetekamp
Armin Klinkenberg

What happened in 1890?


What happens 2090?