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Hello all, my name is Felik Budyanto. I come from Indonesia (Jakarta). Some information about me, I was born on 06th October 1979 in Jakarta, Indonesia. My hobbies are traveling, watching movies, listening to music, reading

Before, I finished my Bachelor Degree in Computer Studies (majoring in Computerized Accounting)
in Bina Nusantara University in my city. After that I worked as an IT Officer in a multinational pharmacy company for 4 years.

Then I went to Germany to further my study. I know about EuroMPM while I was looking for a master course in Germany. Then I read about this program, and it seemed interesting to me. Even there is a semester in another university outside Germany for specialization.
I feel glad to be able to join this EuroMPM.

One of interesting aspects I find, the students come from many countries, so we can exchange our culture, experience, etc. So far I can say, I am really happy with this course.